The conditions of Antigua and Barbuda investment program

Antigua and Barbuda —  is an island state in the Caribbean Sea (West Indies) and one of the few countries on the globe, which offers citizenship in exchange for investments. The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda through an investment program has started in March, 2013. Under the program terms, foreigner receives the citizenship within in a 3-6 months, after making an investment in one of the following ways:

to the National Development Fund or an any approved charity. Such an investment will not be returned and the amount might be changed after May 1st, 2016.

in a real estate that had been approved by the government body. It can be leased afterwards. In 5 years the real estate can be sold. It is a returning investment.

Additional payments:

Government fees:

— $50,000 for the main Applicant, his/her spouse;
— $25,000 for each dependent child under 18 years;
— $50,000 for each dependent child 18-25 years old;
— $50,000 for each dependent Applicant`s parent, older than 65 years.

The licensed representative and the agent at Antigua and Barbuda – $45,000.

Due diligence:

— $7,500 for the main applicant and for his spouse;
— $2,000 for each dependent child of 12-18 years;
— $4,000 for each dependent child of 18-25 years;
— $4,000 for each dependent Applicant`s parent, older than 65 years.

Legal services of our company depend on number of family members and
country of residence.

Stages of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship acquisition

Choosing an investment option and signing the contract

In accordance with the local laws, applicant can not apply for the citizenship without an authorised agent.

Payment of government fees and document submission.

All documents are passed to our licensed agent in Antigua and Barbuda. Documents are being processed within 60-90 days.

Due diligence of a principal applicant

This is a mandatory requirement for obtaining the citizenship for the applicant and dependent family members.

Receiving post-consideration results from the officials

Written on behalf of the Applicant. Further it is required to pay all necessary government fees along with investment in full.

Decision of granting the citizenship.

At this stage the application is submitted for receiving the Antigua and Barbuda passport. This process can take up to 30 days.

Obtaining the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

The passport can be couriered at home or obtained at the nearest Consulate from the country of applicant’s primary citizenship.

Antigua and Barbuda passport  in figures

Dual citizenship is allowed

months - minimum term of acquisition

days required to stay in 5 years

visa-free countries for visiting