5 reasons to obtain Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship:

Freedom of travel

The real passport of the country which is granting visa-free travel to more than
149 countries, including U.K., Canada, Hong Kong and countries of the Schengen area.

The second passport to all family members

Citizenship can be also obtained by the applicant’s spouse, dependent children 25 years or younger and dependent parents, 65 years or older.

The fastest way to receive the passport

The passport can be received within 3-6 months, even without living in the country and going through an application process for permanent residence.

Offshore paradise for your business

Antigua and Barbuda is an offshore zone. It is not necessary to pay taxes on worldwide income or capital gains.

Alternative route and protection against political instability

Authorities of Antigua and Barbuda do not notify the country of your initial citizenship in regards to your newly received passport and they guarantee confidentiality of your commercial activity.